In the pursuit of understanding global markets Solomon API uses proprietary algorithmic systems to grow investment portfolios.

We Position Advisors To Thrive Not Just Survive

Our Advanced Portfolio Intellect is different, it allows our advisors the ability to promote a new line of thinking, a view that true future returns will rely on algo systems and those that employ them.

Registered Investment Advisory Firms and Individual Investment Advisor Representatives

  • Now contracting RIA’s & IAR’s
  • Offering one of the most advanced algorithmic investment management systems in the market

Full Back office Support to Include

  • Billing and Reporting Simplified
  • Opening and servicing client relationships
  • E&O Insurance & Compliance
  • Client acquisition support
  • Full Turnkey systems

Individual Investors and More

  • Access to advanced portfolio management
  • Tailored Risk Assessment
  • Customized Portfolio’s
  • Hedge Fund Technology

Advanced Portfolio Intellect (API)

API consists of…

Solomon API’s makes it possible to use many different indicators that are algorithmically coded. This API is designed to take the emotion out of investment decisions.


Our unique success is a direct result of our distinctive way of operating

In our pursuit of alpha, our mission is to grow our investors’ wealth intelligently by capitalizing on opportunities in the evolving global equities market.

Solomon API was created for investors seeking to participate in capital growth by investing intelligently in the markets. The management team behind the firm has over 50 years of portfolio management experience. This experience is not just in understanding global markets, but how to connect the dots of opportunity through our proprietary systems.


Our Commitment

We want to be your “End Game” when it comes to growing and positioning your practice. With our experts in advanced portfolio intellect, our team provides you with one sophisticated solution that positions you the advisor for what is to come.

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